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Mauna Kapa Hawaiian Koa Wood - Sterling Silver Earrings *Natural Imperfections

Mauna Kapa Hawaiian Koa Wood - Sterling Silver Earrings *Natural Imperfections

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Mauna, mountain, kapa design earring made with Hawaiian Koa Wood.

These earrings are laser cut and handmade on O'ahu. Hawaiian Koa Earring is lightweight and easy to wear.

The length is 8.5cm and the width is 0.8cm. The length is measured from the top of the hook. 

It is finished with Sterling Silver Coil only Earring Hooks. 

One side of the earrings has natural imperfections on the top of the front. However, we believe no wood should be left behind and it is still beautiful.

We repurpose the left over, discarded, or scrap koa from various woodshops and builders and use it to create our pieces. Koa is known and loved for its beautiful and complex figure, colors, and depth. Because of this, some pieces of koa may look similar; But the look of each piece is truly unique and may vary in color and figure.

You will love and enjoy this one-of-a-kind koa earring.

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